Three Ways to Boost Your Motivation on Mondays – Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation Series

First of all, we all agree that we only have 52 weeks in a year to either work, study, or live our lives. Therefore, it is very critical for us to get motivated on the first day of the week as it significantly impacts the entire week’s performance. In the following post, you will learn how to get motivated on Mondays in our Monday Motivation Series.

How Do You Get Motivated on Mondays? (Monday Motivation)

There are 3 ways that can help us get motivated on Mondays:

freedom-happy-Financial Freedom Monday Morning
freedom-happy-Financial Freedom


  1. Rest Well The Night Before
  2. Plan Ahead for The Coming Week
  3. Think of Past Obstacles that You’ve Overcome

Rest Well The Night Before

In other words, go to bed early on Sunday Night! 🙂 By sleeping more, our body will get some extra time to recharge energy and the stress level will be in proper control. This great condition will definitely give us a great start on Mondays.

One tip to sleep better is to meditate and train our mind with positive and gratitude thoughts before going to bed.

Plan Ahead for the Coming Week

The key focus is to make a “Priority List of Your Daily Activities” for at least the next six days (Monday through Saturday and Sunday is fun-day). Once you have this priority list, you will be able to arrange your time much better during the week. More importantly, this practice also helps you achieve many more goals and get many more things done throughout the week. Not only do you start your Monday well-prepared, you also expect what you will achieve on upcoming days.

Think of Past Obstacles that You’ve Overcome

Most of us often feel proud of yourself when we think of our past achievements. Why don’t we think of these moments before bed? The purpose of this practice is to build self-confidence in ourselves before heading to the coming week’s challenges. Moreover, we can also relate what we need to overcome in order to achieve future goals as compared to how we have done for our past achievements.

In summary, there are three ways to boost our motivation on Mondays:

  1. Rest Well The Night Before
  2. Plan Ahead for The Coming Week
  3. Think of Past Obstacles that You’ve Overcome

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Monday Motivation Quotes

Here Are My Favorite Monday Motivation Quotes:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Passion, commitment, and perseverance are seen inside each successful leader; it’s also the shortest way to success” – Huy Han

My “This Week Reading” Book:

Also, I want to share with you about my “This Week Reading” book:

The Dream Chasers by Tony A. Gaskins Jr.
The Dream Chasers by Tony A. Gaskins Jr. Monday Motivation


Key Takeaway:  Build your vision, work with purpose, and live the life of your dreams

About the Author

TONY A. GASKINS, JR. is a motivational speaker, author, and life coach who has been featured on several globally televised shows. He has traveled the world to share the insights of his ruin-to-riches journey to a globally diverse audience, including university students, church congregations, and players and staff at major sports organizations. He is the author of numerous books, including The New Guy Code, Mrs. Right, and CEO of Me Workbook.



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