Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

In this page, you will learn finance to achieve financial freedom.

Road to Financial Freedom
Road to Financial Freedom

Let’s explore the journey of becoming financially independent.  Please refer to my About+Contact page to learn more about me.

Financial Freedom or Financial Independence is a very broad term and people often misunderstand these terms. Financial Independence refer to a person’s capability to do what he or she loves to do. It also means to be who they truly are despite whatever reason that prevents them from doing so.

For instance, a high school student cannot get into the school that he loves because he and his parents cannot afford the tuition of the school. A man cannot buy his loved car because he does not have enough money. A woman cannot buy a luxury pulse or a fancy dress that she really likes because she simply doesn’t have money. A lovely couple postpone their wedding and honeymoon as they don’t have enough savings yet. We can list a bunch of examples where finance plays a key role in our daily life. However, let’s move forward with this question: how do we achieve financial freedom?

How to Achieve Financial Freedom

By understanding the definition of financial freedom, it is up to you to decide why you should achieve it. Most people do not care much about this term. In return, they live a life of a money slave (others may call it the life of rat race). As much as respect I have for my friends and family, I don’t agree with their views about financial freedom. After 4 years of working in Finance world, I decided to take a short break to figure out how to live my life better. Currently, I am very happy to write blogs and share with all of you the knowledge and experience that I have accumulated so far.

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